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Fox News in Charlotte did a segment on our new line of Stain Free Furniture and it was picked up by Fox affiliates in NJ, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Orlando, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Detroit. Targeted as pet friendly furniture that can be drooled, pee’d or puked on, Fox News took it to […]

before photo, kitchen remodel

I am so excited to share this kitchen remodel with you. I hope your socks are on tight because the dramatic difference between the before and after are sure to knock them off! Here is the before of the kitchen, stuck in the 80′s: Here are two afters:               […]


Do you struggle with figuring out how your home is going to look once the decorating is done? Or maybe you want a beautifully coordinated home but only have the money to work on it a little bit at a time? That is where a professionally created design board comes in handy. An experienced designer […]